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For the last 3 years I have been living mainly  in Pereira, Colombia and I am now involved with association that takes care of children in need in my area. So, as ASSORV is expanding and diversifying, we need to change the name to reflect its international character. The new name is IAICF (International Association to Improve Children’s Future). The new website is www.IAICF.org . Please visit the website to learn more about the new development. You will see the activities in Colombia, Mexico and Vietnam.
You can allocate your donation to the program of your choice. Click on “donate”
The main contact information remains the same. Click on “contact”
For those of you who sponsor a child in Vietnam and make a monthly contribution; please make the necessary change to the payee. Payment should be made to IAICF. We still accept Paypal, credit card and checks. Click on “donate

As we are still working on the website, your comments or suggestions are welcome; send to phbq@aol.com

Thank you for your support.

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