As Noelle and I are living in Pereira, Colombia most of the time, we wanted to get involved with a cause to help children locally as we did with ASSORV in Vietnam.
We visited several organizations and the one that retain our attention is “Fundacion Café Ilusion Colombia”. 
It is located in the center of Pereira close to neighborhoods of high vulnerability where children are the most in need. Being in Pereira, we are able to visit the children and be directly involved with the association.

Fundacion Café ilusion Colombia is a non-profit organization created 6 years ago by Joan Grau and Javier Atehortua. It is mainly funded with their own money. They are working with children whose family is composed of single mother that are economically and socially very vulnerable. They help the dysfunctional family to avoid their complete disintegration
Their support is non-residential; the children come during the daytime in 2 separate groups, morning and afternoon according to their school schedule. 
They support is 3 folded: Occupation of the free time of the children, assist them with their schooling and give them and their mother a family education. 

They handle about 80 children and have a monthly budget of $5,000.00. 
For $60.00 per month you contribute to the cost of 1 child.

You can follow Fundacion Café Ilusion Colombia on Facebook.

Nohelia is working with the children at Café Ilusion Colombia by giving them Kundalini yoga classes one day per week. It helps them with their breathing and concentration.




International Association to Improve Children's Future
Philippe Hollebecq

Philippe is one of the founders of IACF; formerly ASSORV California. He first got involved with kids in Vietnam and a few years ago when he moved to Pereira Colombia, he is involved with kids in Colombia.

Maria Nohelia Ruiz

Maria Nohelia Ruiz got involved with ASSORV California (now IAICF) from the beginning; helping raise funds and also helping the children with Kundalini yoga.

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