A special thanks to everybody that participate in the November fundraiser. We raised $3,100.00 with no expenses. 
This was the 1st fundraiser specifically for Colombia and we raised the funds without doing the luncheon which save us the cost of It. It is our objective to raise funds only through internet.
We raised a total $5,090.00 for the year which is a big help for “Fundacion café iluison”.

Below is a message from Joan Grau, founder and director of “Fundacion café illusion” regarding the fundraiser. The original text was in Spanish, here is the translation:

 We hope that life is treating you well; and we inform you that your valuable contribution of $3,000.00, from IAICF, has already been received by Café Ilusión Colombia. Donated by a group of highly sensitive people to social work and support for vulnerable children in Pereira.

 I would like, in my own name and for the entire work team of the Foundation, as well as for each of the families that we can care for (a total of 90 girls, boys and adolescents directly and in person on a daily basis, but about 450 people in influence of Psycho-Social Work) to THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS FOR THE SUPPORT TO EACH OF THE HUMAN BEINGS THAT HAVE CONTRIBUTE SO CONCRETELY AND EFFECTIVELY and that, when the aid is converted to Colombian pesos, multiplies its value in terms of possibilities of action.

We guarantee that not a single penny will "get lost" in the path of bureaucracy (also necessary sometimes but that we know how to manage for ourselves without added costs) or anything that does not completely result in the Social Object of our Foundation and that is none other than providing children and adolescents TRAINING AND SELF-PROTECTION ELEMENTS that allow them to REALLY opt for a TRUE BETTER FUTURE.

Please, convey our deepest gratitude to your collaborating friends, as well as our cordial invitation, whenever possible, to come to the Foundation to be able to feel in your own heart what your help contribute to.  

  Hugs and see you soon, friends !!!

  Joan and Javi

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