In April Noelle and I bought a Popcorn machine for Fundacion Café Ilsusion. Turns out that it was the most rewarding purchase we ever done as the kids were overwhelmed with joy to be able to have popcorn.
Those kids have never been to a theater and now they do have movie with popcorn.

While in Los Angeles in June, Noelle wanted to get in touch with some of her clients/friends and got the idea of giving them a hair service and the price they would pay would go to Fundacion Café Ilusion. She end-up raising $2,400.00. 

We want to thank all her clients/friends for supporting this great idea that will help all the children at Fundacion Café Ilusion.

On Sunday November 13 we will have our 3rd annual fundraiser for Colombia. More information about this event soon.

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