Your money put to good use

Your money put to good use

We want to thank you all for the support you have given over the last few months. Unfortunately, more is needed to make it over the next few months while they economy is slowly reopening. 

Here is an update from Joan Grau and their work at Café Ilusion. Also, see the pictures at the bottom under “Gallery”.

         Fortunately, we are continuing with the TOTAL activity at Café Ilusion: the 4 teachers constantly attend to their groups supporting all the schoolwork. It is more complicated ... some kids do not have communication tools. So, we help them to buy second-hand cell phones to be in permanent contact; in other cases where it is more complicated we have organized with Social Worker and Psychologist (Alejandro and Jose ), to go to their homes to bring them the homework that the schools send us and collect the ones they are doing to get them back to their teachers and so we have managed to reach 100% of the kids.

We also try to improve the kids’ condition. Some do not have table or chair to do their homework, neither lights (see pictures).

We are still providing some families with food and basic needs.

        We have an EXCELLENT TEAM; the truth, they have agreed to do the extra work at the minimum wage during these difficult months. We hope we can guaranty this for several months. It seems that we might be able to reopen in August.

Thank you for always being present: you are part of this illusion that we share at CAFÉ ILUSION.

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